Update: We have now begun converting all preview files to mp3. Hopefully this will make the content load much faster. Stay tuned! As the name indicates this site is dedicated to spreading the work of the individual sound designers contributing to this site. The contributors on have given up all copyrights for all their private productions available on this website. This is done for the benefit of sound designers of movie and game productions, as well as marketing professionals and audio enthusiasts who might use the samples available here for both commercial and non-commercial projects. The categories of all audio can be found on the left sidebar, alternatively you can search the website’s content through the search feature available on all pages.

Sound – A growing industry

Audio for use in commercial branding and marketing has been a rapidly growing industry for years and large companies continue to invest a large amount of money in the use of audio in branding and marketing with great returns as a result . This site exist to help you make your projects both quicker and easier all the while maintaining great audio quality. In contrast to most popular resources of so called ‘free’ audio resources online, offers genuinely free sound effects and music with absolutely no copyright, no reservations, simply put no ‘buts’. Via this website We strive to provide you with an efficient high quality resource where you do not necessarily need to credit the author or ask for explicit permission for commercial nor non-commercial use. All audio downloaded on this website does not require permission of any sorts for any use.

By professional for your professional work

We are a community composed strictly by professional sound designers and producers. Each contributor have documented professional experience with audio design or production, through either scholar degrees or business experience. By upholding this standard we hope to maintain a satisfying quality of the content available on – so that you may always find the sound effects and music found here to be at a sufficient quality and thus suitable for your projects. If you yourself are a sound professional and would consider contributing with sound or music then do not hesitate to visit our Contribute-page here.

Support this community

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